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The Art of Glass Blowing: A Closer Look at BulloGlass’s Process

Featured image The Art of Glass Blowing

Eric Bullo grew up in San Diego and has been bouncing all around and finally landed in Arizona to call his home!

BulloGlass is someone who’s always been obsessed with glass and the functionality of the art that goes behind it Bullo wanted to pursue his dream but was left with where to start and where to go to learn glass blowing… When the pandemic hit and he had some extra time to study he finally found an art class to teach simple glass-blowing techniques to finally get a start on his dream!

After a lot of work and failed attempts his first piece that made it out alive was a marble. Now with some experience, he has progressed to pendants. Mostly head pendants at the moment but he is always looking to expand his horizons. With his unique creature designs, he makes loveable art you’d love to wear anywhere! Eventually, Bullo wants to get into more functional sculpted pieces to show off to the world.

Eric Bullo is a glass blower who specializes in creating stunning creature pendants. Eric has been honing his craft for the past two years and has truly mastered the art of glass blowing. Each pendant he creates is a unique work of art, with intricate details and vibrant colors that truly bring the creatures to life. I am in awe of his talent and can’t wait to see what he creates next! Eric has a lot in his future with his glass art and unique pendants.

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