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Cici Glass From Fire to Beauty

Featured image Cici Glass From Fire to Beauty

A glass blower from Ohio who has made impressive progress in just three years. Her dedication and passion for her craft are truly inspiring. It’s amazing to see how far she has come in such a short time!

Going to college for an art degree Cici saw the light somewhere and it wasn’t there… After getting out of her boring school to pursue something better in life she moved back to Ohio and was shown the brighter side of the world and found glass blowing. After meeting her husband Rythem Glass she expanded into the glass world like crazy being shown the ropes by him and all of his family who shared the same interests in the glass-blowing scene!

Cici’s first type of glass-blowing technique was a flower implosion pendant on a solid rod that she made small pendants for festivals to sell at. Now down the road, she uses the same technique in her Kitty pendants that has now become her niche and she has expanded on it like crazy. From her normal pendants to now doing handpipes, bubblers, and waterpipes her cats are always in her heart and will always be the go-to. Her full-size size functional Kitty rigs are out of this world and would make and glass collector or kitty lover fall in love immediately.

From only being in the game for 3 years she has worked with some great artists like Banjo & Karma and hopes to expand her collaboration list in the future. Cici and her husband now travel all over the states in their RV to see the world and along the way blow glass and live their dream. From blowing glass at festivals to working in other artists shops they truly have become the glass express!

Festivals are the best place to find them selling or blowing glass but Cici always has the love for the kittys no matter where she is. Every pendant sold she donates $5 to saving a kitty’s life with so many already saved and food supplied to shetlers she truly is the kitty’s glass savior in the world!


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